A manufacturing company with proven product lines, but at our core, we are an innovation company

Developing and commercializing low carbon and carbon sequestering solutions for the cement and agriculture industries


There’s a a massive global demand for low carbon cement and agricultural solutions.

Urgency driven by carbon pricing, climate regulations, government incentives, and emerging shortages.

• Scalable innovations developed for addressing critical problems.
• IP protected by mix of patents, patents pending, trademarks, and trade secrets.

• Global licensing strategy of key innovations for long-term revenues without capital costs.
• Strategic acquisition strategy
• Ability to increase capacity of existing manufacturing operations eight-fold.

• In 10,000+ retail locations today – ready market access across North America for launching new products.
• Experienced team produces and ships >2 million packaged products annually.

•  Major partnerships with LafargeHolcim (world’s largest cement company) and key agricultural players in the Canadian Prairies are driving commercial introduction as early as 2023.

Progressive Cement

A CleanTech breakthrough – to fight climate change – building on a 2000-year-old innovation from the Roman Empire.

"We create CleanTech solutions, naturally, combining human ingenuity with elements from ancient volcanoes and lake beds."

Steve Harpur, CEO, Progressive Planet.

Progressive Soil

Progressive Planet owns three strategic volcanic deposits in British Columbia’s volcanic fields. From these sources, we harvest minerals to make products that restore our Earth and fight climate change.

"As our planet approaches 10 billion people, our mission is to make sure our farmers have the fertilizers to meet the coming food crunch."

Ian Grant, VP of Strategy and Investor Relations, Progressive Planet.

Progressive Animal Care

From field to barn, we provide products to feed and care for the wellbeing of the animals we rely on.

Products shipped from 05/01/21 to 10/06/23

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"Our products are already in 10,000 North American stores. And counting."

Steve Harpur, CEO + Founder, Progressive Planet.