A Strategy For Socially Responsible Investing

Our legacy business: high-growth, high-margin recession-proof consumer products.

Recession-proof products

Since 1989 we have been producing agricultural, household, and industrial products. During this time, our best years have been during recessions.

Our products are sold through some of the biggest players in North America

The blue sky: a portfolio of near term to market disruptive innovations in cement and agriculture.

Regenerative fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers deplete soil and contribute greater than 20% of agricultural emissions. PLAN has 14 organic-approved, high-margin products to replace harmful chemicals.

This is a high-growth vertical: the North American fertilizer market is over $60B; organic fertilizers have had a growth rate of 12.1% over the last 4-years (chemicals 2.9%); and fertilizer prices have increased 46-113% in the last year.

Blue sky tech in cement

PozGlass 100G

Our patent-pending process turns post-consumer glass into high-performance cement using CO2 sequestration.