Cement Replacement Technology

A Scalable Cement Replacement Solution With
Kiln Stack Gas Sequestration

Overview of Proprietary Tech:

  • Easily integrated into existing cement production on facilities 
  • Captures and sequesters CO2 from cement kiln stack gases
  • Further reduces emissions when used as partial replacement for cement
  • Diverts post-consumer glass from landfills 
  • Global adaptability with abundant availability of glass in all major cities

How It Works*:

  • Enhanced performance of post-consumer glass as a supplementary cementitious material (SCM) by removing a portion of the sodium in soda-lime glass
  • CO2 reacts with removed sodium to form sodium carbonate (permanent carbon sequestration)
  • Sodium carbonate is removed, leaving PozGlass™ 100G
  • Sodium carbonate can be used as an ingredient to make new glass

* Patent-pending process

Growth Strategy

A Kamloops-based pilot plant, the final step to validate this technology, begins construction in 2023 to be operational in 2024. 

PozGlass is designed for rapid-scalability through a licensing and royalty revenue model as a bolt-on solution for the approximately 2,600 existing cement plants around the globe (excluding China).

Lafarge Canada Inc. has agreed to purchase the PozGlass produced by the pilot plant and provide technical guidance and support in advancing the proprietary PozGlass technology through design, construction, and operation of the pilot plant.

What is Driving the Growth of PozGlass

Action plans are rolling out across North America and Europe to meet the global challenges of the cement industry, which accounts for 26% of global industrial emissions. At the same time that demand is increasing, the most commonly used cement replacement today, fly ash, is less available than ever as coal power generation is phased-out in green-conscious regions. 

Glass has virtually the same chemical composition everywhere in the world, which lends itself to rapid scalability and allows for global licensing royalties, which will be an important revenue driver for our company.