Diatomaceous Earth: Your Eco-Friendly Essential

Progressive Planet’s Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth Mine is located approximately 60 kilometers from Kamloops, BC. The Red Lake Mine is an operating mine which contains a unique deposit of diatomaceous earth commingled with calcium bentonite. To Progressive Planet’s knowledge, there are only two mines in the world with this type of red tinged diatomaceous earth (diatomite) with calcium bentonite; the other mine is located in Scandinavia.            

The versatility of diatomaceous earth opens the door to numerous benefits. Diatomaceous earth from the Red Lake Mine is currently registered for various purposes in both Canada and the United States, including registrations as a feed additive for agricultural use in the United States under the brand Red Lake Earth™; Last Crawl™ Insecticide Powder registered as a natural insecticide for domestic applications in both Canada and the United States; and DE-cide™ diatomaceous earth product is registered as an insecticide for commercial applications in Canada.         

While these registrations encompass specific end-use goals, there are a multitude of possible applications for diatomaceous earth. Beyond our current registered products, Progressive Planet continues to develop other innovative uses for the untapped advantages that diatomaceous earth has to offer.

Our Diatomaceous Earth Products:

Red Lake Earth Feed Additive

Stall Dry Absorbent & Deodorizer

Can Dry All Purpose Absorbent

Diatomaceous earth, a remarkable natural substance composed of fossilized diatoms, boasts a highly porous structure that lends itself to a myriad of applications, including its exceptional use as an absorbent material. Due to its microscopic yet intricate particle structure, diatomaceous earth exhibits an expansive surface area and absorbent capacity. When applied, this absorbent quality allows diatomaceous earth to effectively capture and retain liquids, gases, and even odors.

One of the prominent uses of diatomaceous earth as an absorbent is in spill cleanup and environmental remediation. Its absorbent nature makes it a valuable tool for managing liquid spills, such as oil or chemical leaks. By spreading diatomaceous earth over the affected area, the porous particles swiftly absorb and encapsulate the spilled substance, facilitating easy cleanup and preventing further environmental damage. This absorbent capability extends to moisture control in various industries, where diatomaceous earth is employed to absorb excess humidity, maintain dry conditions, and preserve the integrity of sensitive materials.

Beyond industrial and environmental applications, diatomaceous earth’s absorbent properties find utility in household products like cat litter and deodorizers. As a natural and eco-friendly alternative, it effectively absorbs moisture and neutralizes unpleasant odors. In essence, diatomaceous earth’s prowess as an absorbent stems from its intricate structure, making it a versatile and sustainable solution for a wide range of practical applications.

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