What Is A Dust Bath?

Dust Baths are a way for chickens to keep themselves clean; hence, the word bath. The Dust Bath is a way for the chickens to clean and maintain their feathers to make sure they are in top condition. During the Dust Bath, all of the dust is worked into the bird’s feathers and coats their entire body. All of the dust will absorb any and all of the excess oil, which will help keep the feathers from becoming greasy, matted, and parched.

Using Fresh Coop Dust Bath

Before you start putting together a Dust Bath for your chickens, make sure that you have purchased the Fresh Coop Dust Bath. Once you have purchased your Fresh Coop Dust Bath, you are now ready to make your chicken’s Dust Bath experience that much better!

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have an area of dirt or sand that is there before you put down any Fresh Coop Dust Bath on an area. In addition, this area should be around 2-3″ inches deep, which will allow your chickens to properly have their Dust Bath and absorb all of the materials. If your flock is already free-range, then you can put down the Fresh Coop Dust Bath in an already existing area that your chickens use.
  2. Pour a layer of Fresh Coop Dust Bath on the area that you have already made and prepared for your chickens. This layer of Fresh Coop will blend and mix together with the existing area of dust and sand as your chickens start to have their Dust Bath.
  3. Keep an eye on your chickens when they are having their Dust Bath to make sure that you have put down enough Fresh Coop Dust Bath in their area. If you feel that you have not put enough Fresh Coop Dust Bath down in their area, then you can carefully add some down. The more you set up Dust Baths for your chickens, the better you will get at judging how much Fresh Coop Dust Bath that you will need to add to your chicken’s bath area.
  4. Lastly, if you are planning on putting together regular Fresh Coop Dust Baths for your chickens, then you will need to have a designated area such as an existing area around the coop or a container that you have specifically for Dust Baths. This will the dirt or sand you have in that area to constantly be absorbed with the Fresh Coop Dust Bath, which will allow you to not have to put down too much Fresh Coop Dust Bath each time your chickens have a Dust Bath.

Fresh Coop Dust Bath Product

You can purchase Fresh Coop Dust Bath for your chickens from us directly on our website right here. To learn more about Fresh Coop Dust Bath and what it can offer you and your chickens, please check out the FAQ on the product page, which is at the bottom of the page. This will help answer any other questions that you might have about Fresh Coop Dust Bath, Dust Baths, where you can purchase this product, etc.

Learn More About Fresh Coop Dust Baths

Check out our video on our YouTube channel, Absorbent Products Ltd., to learn more about Dust Baths for your chickens.