What Is Fresh Coop Chicken Grit?

Fresh Coop Egg Layer Grit is a soluble grit that is as effective as any Calcium Supplement for backyard layers that are 18 weeks old or even older than that. This product allows your chickens to easily swallow down their food since they do not have teeth to chew and breakdown any materials they put into their beak. You even have the choice of purchasing Fresh Coop Egg Layer Grit with either coarse grain or free-choice.

Why Is It Important?

It allows the eggs to stay strong and healthy in the chicken coop, along with having quality hard eggshells. Fresh Coop Egg Layer Grit offers a high source of natural calcium for the chickens, which allows them to lay strong eggs, instead of soft, thin-layered eggs that show a lack of calcium in your chickens. Keeping your chicken’s calcium intake up will ensure that your chickens will continually lay high-quality, healthy eggs. In addition, this product is exclusively for your chickens only. Make sure that you do not feed the Fresh Coop Egg Layer Grit to your Roosters or any other barn animal that you have, as this will not benefit their dietary needs or general health.

Where Can I Purchase?

You can learn more about Fresh Coop Chicken Grit, as well as use our store locator for this product on our website. If you have any other questions around this product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as we would love to answer any of your questions. Please note that this product is only availa

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