If you own chickens, then you will understand the importance of taking care of everything that comes with having chickens; including, taking care of their coop. When it comes to cleaning your coop(s) and keeping your chickens healthy and happy, Fresh Coop Chicken Products can help you get that job done. It’s very important that you do a thorough and deep clean your chicken coop at least once or twice a year to allow your chickens to have a beneficial environment for them to thrive and grow. We will give you a rundown of how to clean your chicken coop since it’s way easier than you think and very straightforward to maintain with our Fresh Coop Odor Control.

Rundown On Cleaning Your Coop

  1. Clean Out The Entire Coop: Take the time to clear out all of the dirt, feathers, bird droppings, and any other build-up of materials that are in your coop. Depending on the size of your coop, this could take a decent amount of time. Make sure you wear a dust mask and protective eyewear while cleaning up your chicken coop.
  2. Place A Layer Of Fresh Coop Odor Control: After you have cleaned out your coop, we recommend that you place a layer of our Fresh Coop Odor Control, which will help keep the odor and moisture down, making both you and your chickens happy.
  3. Place Down A Fresh Bedding Layer: Once you have a layer of Fresh Coop Odor Control in your chicken coop, you will then be able to place down a layer or two of fresh bedding. The layer of fresh bedding will not stick to the bottom of your chicken coop, thanks to the high-quality materials used in the product, which makes future cleans even easier since the materials can be disposed of quickly.

Cleaning Your Coop vs. Deep Clean

Cleaning Your Coop: When it comes to maintaining your coop every couple of weeks, we recommend you to dispose of all the of the droppings and any other buildup that has developed over a week or two. After that task is completed, you can then replace the old bedding with fresh, quality bedding material.

Deep Clean: At least once or twice a year, you will need to go through your chicken coop and conduct a thorough deep clean. This deep clean will allow you to clear out, disinfect, and make your chicken coop as good as new for your chickens, as well as fully preparing your coop for the winter and spring seasons. There is a lot more information and steps when it comes to deep cleaning your chicken coop, compared to cleaning your coop every few weeks, which we will share in a future blog post.

Walkthrough Video Of Cleaning Your Coop

Learn more about ‘Cleaning your Coop’ in this video featuring Teil and Chet & B’s Coop.