What Is Fresh Coop Odor Control?

Fresh Coop Odor Control is a neutralizer that eliminates the harmful ammonia levels, controls and kills the odours in the area(s), and absorbs any moisture that might be in, around, or beside your Chicken Coop. The Fresh Coop Odor Control not only helps improve the smell of the area in and around your Chicken Coop, but it also makes the area feel tidier and under control.

What Can It Do?

Fresh Coop Odor Control provides the latest innovation and technology within the livestock industry that provides one of the best odor neutralizers out in the marketplace. Our product combines natural Food Chemical Codex Grade Diatomaceous Earth, along with Calcium Montmorillonite and non-GMO Citric Acid. This allows our Fresh Coop Odor Control to eliminate all harmful ammonia levels, control the odor in the surrounding area, and absorbs all of the moisture that is built up in your backyard chicken coop. Thus, your chickens and your chicken coop will be a healthier and cleaner environment.

Our Fresh Coop Odor Control can also be used with and around backyard chickens, pullets, layers, quail, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, and pheasants. If there is an animal that is not listed here that you are curious about whether or not our Fresh Coop Odor Control can be used with, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. It would be our pleasure to give you advice and more information on our product. Let’s see whether or not Fresh Coop Odor Control is for you and your chickens!

Where Can I Get It?

You can purchase and learn more about our Fresh Coop Odor Control on our website. If you have any specific questions, concerns, or thoughts, please reach out to us over here. Someone will be in contact with you shortly to answer all of your inquiries.

Here is a video from our YouTube Channel ‘Absorbent Products Ltd.‘ about Fresh Coop Odor Control to learn about the product more in-depth.