Kamloops, June 29, 2022 – Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. (TSXV: PLAN) (“PLAN”, “Progressive Planet” or the “Company”), a disruptive innovator for cement and agricultural tech, is pleased to announce its top selling product, ACTIVATED BARN FRESH™ Poultry Litter Ammonia Control (theProduct”), appears in the Organic Materials Review Institute (“OMRI”) Canada Products List© as of June 1, 2022, confirming it can be used in certified organic production in accordance with the Canadian Organic Standards.
ACTIVATED BARN FRESH™ is the only organic-appropriate acidifier used to reduce ammonia in commercial broiler barns (patent US11089760B2). Previously approved for use in US Organic Production, more than 90 million chickens in the US breathe easier and live healthier lives each year because of ACTIVATED BARN FRESH. An OMRI Canada listing opens ACTIVATED BARN FRESH for sale to organic broiler producers in Canada for the first time.
“Canadians consume more chicken than any other meat protein, and to fill that demand Canadian producers raise more than 750 million chickens each year”, explained Steve Harpur, CEO of PLAN. “As farming intensity increases, producers need new tools to keep their birds healthy while also mitigating environmental impacts both inside and outside the barn. ACTIVATED BARN FRESH does just that and as a result is our top selling product.”
In addition to ACTIVATED BARN FRESH, FRESH COOP™ Odour Control appears in the OMRI Canada Products List© as of June 9, 2022. FRESH COOP (patent CA2890146C) is a deodorizer specifically for backyard chicken coops that eliminates harmful ammonia odours and results in a safer environment.
“As more and more Canadians take steps to ensure food security for their households, the popularity of backyard poultry has increased to include major urban centers,” said Barry Baker, Director of Sales at Progressive Planet Products.
PLAN now holds 32 OMRI listings for use in organic and conventional agriculture practices.