Kamloops, June 7, 2022 – Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. (TSXV: PLAN) (“PLAN”, “Progressive Planet” or the “Company”), a disruptive innovator for cement and agricultural tech, is pleased to announce PozDE™ SCM, PLAN’s new supplementary cementitious material (SCM) made from diatomaceous earth (DE) that has received exceptional initial test results.
PozDE is produced solely from material sourced from PLAN’s flagship Red Lake Mine, just 56 km from its head office in Kamloops, BC. The DE is a unique blend that includes calcium bentonite and is one of two mines in the world which contain diatomaceous earth with calcium bentonite, and the only one in North America.
In initial ASTM C311 tests under the direction of Dr. Michael Thomas, PozDE registered a 7-day Strength Activity Index (SAI) value of 101% and a 28-day SAI value of 120% compared to the Portland cement control. Additionally, PozDE registered at 98% water-demand indicating less water to achieve an equivalent flow to the Portland cement control.
“Concrete producers want SCMs that increase performance of their mix while lowering their carbon footprint, without sacrificing workability. It is uncommon to see SCMs exceed the 7-day strength of the control Portland, so we are excited to see better strength while indicating lower water demand” said Ian Grant, COO of PLAN.
In 2021, PLAN’s subsidiary, Progressive Planet Products Inc. (formerly Absorbent Products Ltd.), processed 30,000 tonnes of DE from its Red Lake Mine, creating a large supply of powder as a byproduct. Historically, much of this powder was extruded to make more rock, a step requiring high energy to extrude, dry, and re-crush the rock. Using the powder byproduct as a SCM offers an excellent growth vertical for PLAN.
Based on the exceptional ASTM test results, PLAN is now focused on commercializing two SCMs:
PozDE™, which is made from 100% diatomaceous earth from the Red Lake Mine; and,
PozGlass™ 100G, which is made from 100% post-consumer glass using a patent pending process which also sequesters CO2 during the production process.
No further work will be conducted on blending glass with natural pozzolan and no further SCM work will be completed on natural pozzolan from the Z1 Quarry as the PozDE has superior attributes and the DE powder is already created as a byproduct of the legacy business of Progressive Planet Products Inc.
About Progressive Planet
Progressive Planet is a B2B disruptive tech innovation company providing circular solutions using micronized minerals for cement and agricultural sectors. PLAN is developing and producing a portfolio of proprietary solutions focused on sequestering CO2 and minimizing the carbon footprint of our customers.
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