Diatomaceous earth is safe to use with and around almost all animals.

To date, the only observed exception to this is use with reptiles and beneficial insects such as honey bees.

Diatomaceous earth has the ability to absorb moisture and therefore it is not recommended for use with reptiles due to the fact that it may dry out their skin.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is often used as a natural insecticide however you must be careful when using food grade diatomaceous earth near certain types of insects that are beneficial to have in your yard and garden. For examples, honey bees are essential pollinators however, if food grade diatomaceous earth is used in the garden, especially on flowers where a bee will land to pollinate, it may be harmful to them.

Caution should also be used with animals that have allergies to dust, as well as those with pre-existing skin conditions (as the food grade diatomaceous earth may further dry out their skin).

If you are uncertain about using diatomaceous earth with or around your animals please consult a veterinarian.

At this time, there are no food grade diatomaceous earth products that are registered for human consumption and, according to current regulations, food grade DE must not be present in any end product that is meant for human consumption. For more information please see –Diatomaceous Earth for Humans: What You Don’t Know