Diatomaceous earth is quickly gaining popularity as a health food product for human consumption and many people do experience various positive results.

However, there are currently NO food grade diatomaceous earth products that are registered with the appropriate organizations to be sold as a health product for human consumption (although it may appear otherwise). This is due to the fact that there has not been enough testing done on the product to prove that it is effective or safe.

Testing, especially for long-term effects, is very costly and companies have been unable to provide the necessary scientific research requirements to attain certification for distribution as a health product.

There are many sites out there that provide long lists of the benefits that food grade diatomaceous earth can provide to humans and it may seem as though they have scientific proof and are licensed to sell their DE as a health product however be aware of the fine print.

On any site claiming human health benefits and selling diatomaceous earth for the purpose of human consumption you will find a disclaimer that points out that the product is not actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is only technically considered to be unofficial information for research purposes.

This is not to say that diatomaceous earth does not provide these health benefits. In fact, with enough funding and scientific research diatomaceous earth could possibly be approved for human consumption and prove to be very helpful in maintaining the health of both humans and animals.

Please use your own discretion and utilize various research methods when choosing to consume food grade diatomaceous earth. Do not be fooled by sites that claim to have a product that is registered for human consumption, as the information they provide is not scientific but rather a collection of testimonials.

Image by sunshinecity