Bentonite is known for its amazing absorbent and swelling properties. In fact, bentonite can absorb nearly five times its weight in water and at full saturation will occupy a volume of 12 to 15 times that of its dry bulk weight. Once dry, bentonite will shrink to its original volume and can be wetted, swelled and dried an infinite number of times (if the water being absorbed is fairly pure).

Due to these properties, bentonite works well as a sealant for plumbing cracks in concrete. When spread in the void, the bentonite will swell when it comes in contact with water, forming an impermeable seal.

The rate at which the bentonite swells depends on factors such as granulation and the application method used. All grades will expand slowly when water is poured on them however, if the bentonite is poured into the water it will expand much faster. As well, fine powdered bentonite will absorb water slowly while intermediate sized bentonite will absorb water more rapidly.

Bentonite is a quick and inexpensive sealant for nearly any plumbers crack!

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Image by bittbox