During the winter months it is important to keep walkways, driveways and other foot paths clear of snow and ice. But what is the best way to do this?

Many ice-melting products are undesirable due to the fact that they contain chemicals that can be hazardous to the environment.

Rock salt is the most commonly used form of ice melt, however it can also cause considerable damage or even death to plants and vegetation in areas near the treated surface. Salt may not work as well during extremely cold weather, as it is most effective at temperatures just below the freezing point. As well, it can take twice as much rock salt to get the same results that other ice melting products can provide.

Fertilizer is also often used as an ice melter. This, however, is not highly recommended as it is often washed away into gutters, storm drains, lakes, streams and reservoirs where it affects water quality.

When battling ice and snow, it is best to use an ice melter with ingredients that are environmentally friendly. For example, Diamond Glacier Ice Melt products contain calcium chloride. This ingredient is used by highways departments for de-icing roads and highways and controlling dust on gravel roads. Calcium chloride is also used as a food additive as well as a fertilizer in agriculture, making it safe for vegetation and the environment.

Glacier Blue and Glacier Green soluble markers are also used in Diamond Glacier products. This ingredient is an environmentally inert dye that shows where product is applied in order to help reduce over-application. The dye is water-soluble and UV sensitive and leaves no color residue.

Environmentally friendly ice melt products such as Diamond Glacier Ice Melt will not harm vegetation, properly air-entrained concrete or pets, when used as directed.

Please note: Beware of manufacturers who claim complete safety to plants, as any ice melt product can harm vegetation with over application.

Image by digital_image_fan