Diamond Glacier® Ice Melt

Our Diamond Glacier Ice Melt products were designed to take on the harsh, tough conditions of winter, but still, perform at a high level for an extended period. We stand behind the durability, long-lasting, and high-quality materials that make up these products.

Diamond Glacier – Supreme

Our Diamond Glacier Supreme product can be used in a wide variety of high intensive cold environments such as highways/roadways during the winter months.

This product contains the following materials: Calcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and Potassium Chloride. All of these materials in Diamond Galcier Supreme provide high-end and long-lasting performance in very cold and icy environments, which can perform in cold environments as low as -31 Degrees Celcius (-23.8 Degrees Fahrenheit). 

Diamond Glacier – Economical

Our Diamond Glacier Economical product is a mix of Glacier Blue and Glacier Green soluble marker in our Diamond Glacier. This allows our product to avoid over-application and excess material being used in a given area or space. The environmentally inert dye that is used in the Diamond Glacier Economical material shows the exact area that the product was applied, which easily allows you to see where you’ve put down the Ice Melt.  The dye applied with this product uses a Calcium Chloride Brine carrier, which gives a more effective blend that is more water-soluble and UV-sensitive. All of these materials within Diamond Glacier Economical can perform in cold environments as low as -23 Degrees Celcius (-9.4 Degrees Fahrenheit).