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Products shipped from 05/01/21 to 10/06/23

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"Our products are already in 10,000 North American stores. And counting."

Steve Harpur, CEO + Founder, Progressive Planet.


Progressive Cement

Taking CO2 out of our air, naturally

Recycled glass is a valuable asset. We use it to create concrete that takes CO2 out of the atmosphere to help us reach a NetZero Future. Called PozGlass, it builds on an innovation that the Roman Empire started more than 2000 years ago.

"As our planet approaches 10 billion people, our mission is to make sure our farmers have the fertilizers to meet the coming food crunch."

Ian Grant, COO, Progressive Planet.

Progressive Soil

We tap into the planet's ancient elements to fight climate change

Progressive Planet owns three strategic volcanic deposits in Southern British Columbia’s 3.5-million-year-old volcanic fields. From these sources we harvest volcanic minerals and ashes to make products that restore our Earth and fight climate change.

"We rely on animals. That’s why we make sure they can rely on us."

Steve Harpur, CEO Progressive Planet.

Progressive Animal Care

They look after us. We look after them, naturally.

From field to barn, we provide products to feed and care for the wellbeing of the animals we rely on.

"Humans create waste. We have the natural products to look after it."

Ian Grant, COO, Progressive Planet.

Progressive Waste Solutions

We tap into ancient lake beds around volcanoes to create products to absorb waste.

Our natural, volcanic-based products, which we ship around the world, are used by millions of people to absorb and control waste. From oil spills to farm waste to household accidents, we have the solution, naturally.

"We create CleanTech solutions, naturally, combining human ingenuity with elements from ancient volcanoes and lake beds."

Steve Harpur, CEO, Progressive Planet.

The C-Quester Centre ™

We never stop innovating.

Our mission at The C-Quester Centre of Sustainable Innovation™ is to create planet-friendly products and quickly get them to market for people to use . Our innovations are our contribution to fighting climate change and protecting ecosystems.