Currently our diatomaceous earth is registered for several purposes throughout Canada and the United States. Our Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth is registered as a feed additive for agricultural use in the U.S. and Canada. Last CrawlTM Insecticide Powder, which is composed of the same Food Chemical Codex Grade diatomaceous earth as Red Lake Earth, is registered in Canada and the United States as a natural insecticide for domestic applications. As well, in Canada, our DE-cide diatomaceous earth product is registered as an insecticide for commercial applications. Beyond these registered uses however, many speculations are being made as to what other exciting benefits DE is really capable of providing!

All across the web, stories and suggestions can be found regarding the use of Diatomaceous Earth for various purposes and while these claims cannot legally be made by producers, it is very interesting to see the results people are experiencing with the use of this natural product.

Here at Absorbent Products Ltd. we are committed to research that will put us on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly technologies and products therefore it was only suiting that we conduct a study on Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Here’s what we found:

Diatomaceous Earth as an Insecticide:

DE is effective in killing barn, garden, grain and household insects such as ants, bedbugs, silverfish, flies, darkling beetles, flour beetles, and other crawling insects.

How to Use DE as an Insecticide:

Diatomaceous Earth can be mixed with an attractant such as a cereal or nut powder, icing sugar, powdered soup mixes, powdered yeast, etc. to attract and encourage the insect to ingest it resulting in a lacerated digestive tract, causing further dehydration. Note: Mix at a rate of 25% to 50% in volume.

For infestations of ants, bedbugs, silverfish and other insect pests inside your home, apply the DE dust behind appliances, cabinets, along baseboards, along edges and underneath carpets and rugs, bed frames, cracks, crevices and other places where insects hide or crawl. Note: Apply at a rate of 70g per 10m2.

For use outdoors, lightly coat areas where ants and other crawling insects are found including ant trails, door frames, entrance ways, perimeter foundations, patios, window frames and window sills. Note: apply at a rate of 70g per 10m2.

For use against house flies in operations where manure accumulation occurs be sure to combine this treatment with good manure management practices (e.g., aeration via proper placement of fans and intake vents, maintenance of watering system equipment).

**DE can control house flies in layer poultry operations by reducing the number of fly larvae occurring in the accumulating manure 5 to 6 weeks after weekly application.

For use in-transit, clean out box cars, ship holds and truck beds prior to transporting grains, then simply apply a light dusting of DE to all walls and floors.

For use in the garden, apply a light dusting of diatomaceous earth to both sides of the plant leaves for effective control of ants, flies and other crawling insects.

PLEASE NOTE: Avoid dusting flowers and other areas where bees and beneficial insects may land, as diatomaceous earth has the potential to negatively impact most insects that come in contact with it. As well, for food plant and other industrial use, avoid contamination of food in the application and storage of the product. Do not use diatomaceous earth on food contact surfaces. When using DE for garden use, wash all produce thoroughly before using.

For more information and application rates for our natural insecticide, please see:
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