Being creative with what you have in the house can result in ideas that save time and money! Check out these clever ways to use non-clumping cat litter for more than just a litter box:

1. Spread a thin layer of  kitty litter in the bottom of your trash can to prevent dampness and mildew.

2. Get rid of spray paint (graffiti) on sidewalks by sprinkling cat litter over it and grinding the litter into the sidewalk (using your sneakers). This will absorb the paint, removing it from the sidewalk.

3. Reduce ash tray odor by putting litter into the tray.

4. Dry fresh flowers by placing them between two layers of cat litter.

5. Use bags of kitty litter as sand bags to improve traction in the winter.

6. Put cat litter in the bottom of your drip tray (located under your grill) to absorb drippings. This will keep the grill clean and reduce the danger of flare-ups.

7. Make your own deodorizers by filling old socks with kitty litter. Deodorize your shoes by stuffing the filled socks into them.

8. Clean up pet accidents by absorbing them with cat litter.

9. Remove musty smells from your boat or cabin by placing a box of kitty litter in the area for a few days.

10. Remove oil and grease spills by sprinkling litter on the spill. Once absorbed simply sweeping the spill up!

11. Improve traction and increase safety on snowy and icy sidewalks and driveways by sprinkling down cat litter.

12. Put kitty litter in your garden to promote growth by improving water retention and soil aeration.

Note: Do not use clumping cat litter as a traction aid, it becomes slippery when wet.

Image by wolfsavard