In a word – yes!  Just like our friend Kermit sings, being green ain’t easy…but it’s big, and it’s important.

Absorbent Products strives to be green by lessening our environmental impact wherever possible. We achieve this through careful planning and continuous improvements in our properties, our plant, and our products.

Our properties include 4 different mine sites in 2 countries from which we source our raw minerals.  These are dry-mine surface operations with no runoff or tailings to contaminate the undeveloped areas in which they are located.  Waste is minimized as we use over 98% of the mined materials.  All our mines conform to air quality and environmental regulations.  Reclaimed areas of our Red Lake property have been restored ahead of schedule and are now used as productive grazeland for cattle.

In our plant, we are always chasing the next efficiency.  We meet or exceed our prescribed air quality standards.  Upgrades to our machinery and optimization of our burner have allowed us to significantly reduce our consumption of both electricity and natural gas. Through process analysis and design we have minimized forklift and motor vehicle movement throughout our facility, further reducing emissions. We influence our customers, many of whom are large-volume national retailers, to reduce packaging and choose options that have lower environmental footprints for their brands.

You’ll find a wide spectrum of uses and applications throughout our products, from pest control to animal feed additives to livestock health management.  All our products are derived from natural, minimally processed minerals. Many of them are registered for organic agriculture; in fact, Absorbent Products has 28 different listings with the Organic Materials Review Institute and proudly supplies large organic operations.

Our PMRA- and EPA-registered insecticides are organic-appropriate and work through a mechanical mode of action rather than a chemical one.  As a result, insects do not develop a pesticide resistance, and there are no harmful residues lingering after treatment.  Non-toxic diatomaceous earth products like Stall Dry, Fresh Coop and Barn Fresh control odour and moisture in stalls and pens, making both animals and their human caretakers more comfortable and improving the retention of nutrients when composted after use.  Some of our items are even repurposed from other materials.  For example, our Wundercat and Stall Dry pine pellets are made of reclaimed waste wood, and our Can Blast blasting medium is comprised of ground recycled glass.

At Absorbent Products, sustainability and stewardship are defining values.  We are proud to be green, and we continue to invest in research and development so we can provide the very best products with the smallest environmental impact.