Severe weather can cause many problems including damage to your roof. In many cases, sudden and unexpected weather creates damage that calls for emergency repair. In the case of a leak, there are many emergency repair techniques that can be used however a common method is the use of bentonite clay. In fact, many roofing companies use bentonite clay for this purpose.

Bentonite is known for its absorptive qualities, with an ability to absorb up to several times its own weight in water. When saturated, bentonite will expand and bond to the membrane surface of a roof, forming a water impermeable seal to help keep water out until a permanent solution can be put in place.

In emergency situations, it is important to stop water from entering the building as well as the roof system. By creating a temporary seal with bentonite you can prevent damage to insulation and to the other surrounding roof components.

Please note: Prior to permanent repair, the bentonite must be entirely removed from the membrane surface.

In the case of damage to your roof and the need for emergency repairs, please consult a professional.

Image by fauxto_digit