Consumer Reports: Diatomaceous Earth and Chickens

Chicken coop

RaChelle from Jacksonville, Florida uses Diatomaceous Earth with her chickens. Below are her suggested uses and the results she has experienced. I like your product, I use Red Lake Earth DE in my chicken feed every few months. Fresh Coop Odor Control: I put it diatomaceous earth in a coffee can with holes in the […]

Chicken Facts

chicken walking in grass

Check out these interesting facts about chickens. Did you know… Chickens are the closest living relatives of the t-rex. The sounds that chickens make have actual meaning. Chickens even have different alarm calls for different predators! A mature male chicken is called a rooster, cock or roo and a mature female chicken is called a […]

Do Chickens Like Music?

Laying hen overlooking her egg

Could it be that chickens enjoy soothing and relaxing music just as much as we do? Results from a study at the University of Bristol in the UK suggests that they do! For eight weeks, music was played at various times throughout the day in hens’ nesting boxes. Classical, pop and rock music was used. […]

How Smart Are Chickens?

Just how smart are chickens? Pretty smart, it turns out! In fact, studies have shown that chickens have many cognitive attributes similar to that of mammals, even primates! Check out these amazing facts about chickens that you might not have known: Chickens have the capacity to demonstrate self-control and even to consider the future. For […]

Baby Chicks: The Must-Have Checklist to Prepare for Their Arrival

baby chick

Will you be getting new baby chicks this year? Whether it’s your first time welcoming chicks into your family or you’ve done it before, it’s important to be prepared! Check out this must-have checklist and make sure you’re ready with everything you’ll need to start these little bundles of joy off right in their new […]

The Dangers of Hydrated Lime

Ammonia can be very dangerous to the health of both animals and people. Studies have concluded that even low levels of ammonia can cause stress to an animal’s respiratory system. It is therefore extremely important to control ammonia within confined spaces. For many years people have used and continue to use hydrated lime to help […]

Parasites in Goats

Parasites continue to be an important concern for goat farmers and producers. These parasites can cause economic and production losses and even serious illness and death in goats. In fact, internal parasites are recognized as a common disease among goats. An infected goat may show symptoms and become lethargic, have diarrhea, lose weight or barely […]

Providing a Clean and Safe Environment for Your Animals: The Stall DRY Method

Like so many others, you’re sure to love Stall DRY! Stall DRY is a natural stall deodorizer that has the ability to control flies, decrease ammonia levels, absorb odor and moisture and extend the life of your bedding! Stall DRY can be used with all types of animals, large and small. By applying Stall DRY […]

Stall DRY for Foaling Mares

Stall DRY is known for its amazing absorptive qualities as well at its ability to naturally reduce odors and ammonia. Composed of diatomaceous earth and calcium rich montmorillonite, Stall DRY is a natural product that is safe to use around all of your animals, even if it is ingested. Stall DRY can be used in […]