Could it be that chickens enjoy soothing and relaxing music just as much as we do? Results from a study at the University of Bristol in the UK suggests that they do!

For eight weeks, music was played at various times throughout the day in hens’ nesting boxes. Classical, pop and rock music was used. As well, in some boxes no music was played. This allowed researchers to compare the chickens’ behavior directly as a result of the music.

It was found that all types of music intrigued the hens. In fact, they entered the nesting boxes 159% more when music was playing! However, the study revealed that it was classical music that the hens preferred. While the hens did not lay more eggs overall in response to this music, it was found that they did visit nesting boxes that played classical music more often and laid 6% more eggs in these nesting boxes.

In response to these results, in order to help boost hen happiness, relaxation and productivity, Happy Egg Co. produced a CD, Top of the Flocks, just for their feathered friends! The CD, composed by British composer Jack Ketch has three tracks and is available on SoundCloud at the following link: Top of the Flocks – Relaxing tracks to set feathers a flutter

Share it with your flock and let us know what they think!

Image by Karen Jackson