Like so many others, you’re sure to love Stall DRY!

Stall DRY is a natural stall deodorizer that has the ability to control flies, decrease ammonia levels, absorb odor and moisture and extend the life of your bedding! Stall DRY can be used with all types of animals, large and small.

By applying Stall DRY using the method below, you are sure to get the results you want and to provide your animals with a clean and healthy environment.

The Stall DRY Method

For application in a stall, cage or kennel (can be applied to dirt, concrete, wood, metal or rubber mats):

  • Apply a thin layer (approximately 5 lbs per 10′ x 10′ area) to clean surface.
  • Place bedding over the top (any type of bedding can be used).
  • Continue to use Stall DRY each time you clean the stall, cage or kennel. Simply sprinkle a generous layer of Stall DRY on top of wet bedding. Let sit for approximately 10 minutes, toss the Stall DRY into the bedding in the area which it was applied (this allows the product to come in contact with the urine and wet bedding in order to absorb the wetness and neutralize the ammonia).

As well, be sure to apply a thin layer of Stall DRY on top of manure piles to help control odor and flies. Stall DRY can reduce fly larva and eggs. By killing just one pair of flies, Stall DRY can eliminate up to 3o million flies every 60 days!

If Stall DRY is being used with rubber mats, be sure to apply a small amount of the product along the edges and seams of the mat in order to catch and absorb any urine that runs off the edges. This will also help to keep the urine from getting under the mats and deteriorating them.

When using Stall DRY in rabbit cages or other pens or cages with a pan that sits under the cage to catch droppings and urine:

  • Place 1-11/2 inch(es) of Stall DRY in the pan.
  • Simply remove the waste each day using a scoop (such as a kitty litter scoop).

If you do not wish to clean the waste pan daily, cleanliness can be prolonged by sprinkling a small amount of Stall DRY on the top of the pan in order to control the odor and wetness.

Please Note: The amount of Stall DRY needed to fully dry up wet bedding will depend on the amount of liquid as well as the type of surface that the product has been applied to. For example, a horse will require more Stall DRY than a smaller animal such as a rabbit or hamster. As well, surfaces such as dirt, that become very wet, may require more Stall DRY to fully absorb the liquid however, with continued use the amount needed will be reduced.

Image by Serge Melki