Adding a Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth product like Litter Essence Litter Deodorizer to your litter box can help to naturally absorb liquids and odors, keeping your litter box fresh and clean.

To benefit from this addition to your litter box, simply spread a layer of diatomaceous earth, approximately half an inch thick, on the bottom of the box and pour your litter over top.

If your litter box is already filled with litter, mix diatomaceous earth in with the product.

Clumping Litter

For use with clumping litter, sprinkle only a small amount of diatomaceous earth in (as you do not want the clumping ability of the litter to be effected by the diatomaceous earth).

Non-Clumping Litter

When using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with traditional, non-clumping litter, mix in as much as you’d like.