Red Lake Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is OMRI listed (Organic Materials Review Institute) for use in organic production and is safe to use with all animals (except reptiles, as it may dry out their skin).

No diatomaceous earth residue has been found in animals (or their offspring or milk) that have consumed Red Lake Earth. In fact, a study was conducted to test for any absorption of diatomaceous earth into milk produced by cows that had consumed it in their feed. DE was mixed into the cows’ feed at a rate of two percent. The results of this study found “no evidence of absorption or any residue of the product in the milk”. Diatomaceous earth can also be contained in the feed of layers, as well as animals produced for meat, without any residue transferring to the resulting products.

Meat, eggs and milk produced by animals that ingest food grade diatomaceous earth will not contain DE residue and are considered safe to consume.