Comprehensive Bed Bug Treatment

A bed bug treatment should be comprehensive.

Don’t assume bed bugs are only in your bed! In addition to being in your bed, bed bugs can also be found throughout your room including in your dresser, behind picture frames and in light fixtures.

As part of your comprehensive bed bug treatment, don’t forget to:

• Organize and de-clutter your room


• Wash the items and walls in your room with a mixture of rubbing alcohol, soap and water
   (see mixing rates here – Get Rid of Bed Bugs)

• Wash all of your laundry, bedding, cushions and fabric thoroughly using hot water. Dry these 
   items on hot. When dry, dry them for an extra 20 minutes on hot.

• Wash everything again

Diatomaceous earth products like Last Crawl Bed Bug & Flea DE-stroyer can be a very effective and environmentally friendly addition to your treatment plan. When using diatomaceous earth for bed bugs remember to treat all areas where these pests may be found! Clean, vacuum and apply the diatomaceous earth to:

• Electrical outlets (please use caution)

• Light fixtures

• Baseboards

• Your bed frame

• Behind picture frames

• Under the bed and any rugs or carpets that you may have in your room

• Along the heating vents in your room

• Window moldings

• Crevices in your dresser(s) after you have removed the drawers

Helpful Hints:

Salt and pepper shakers work well for applying the powder to small areas. For larger surface areas you can also fill an old tube sock or nylon pantyhose and us it to sprinkle the DE. Remember – a little goes a long way! Don’t create any large piles of powder, as the bugs will avoid it. Rather, a light dusting is all that is needed.