Diet & Feeding Schedule

When it comes to raising your meat birds from the early days of when they are born, it is very important to keep an eye out for their food consumption. You want to make sure that you have a feeding schedule in place that is consistent around what your meat birds will be eating and when they will be eating. During the first three weeks of their life, your meat birds should be fed a 20% (approx.) protein chick starter. After the first three weeks of their life, you can then switch them over to an 18% protein grower feed as their main diet consumption.

When it comes to scheduling your meat bird’s meals, it is crucially important that you stay on top of their feeding windows. After the first week of the meat bird’s life, you must feed your chickens on a 12-hour rotation, which includes figuring out when their feeding time will be and knowing when they will not be feeding. You must take away the feed during the off hours to prevent over-eating and consumption which can hinder and even kill your chickens if you do not stay on top of their eating schedule of 12 on and off.

Do Not Overfeed Your Meat Birds

Do not overfeed your meat birds. We will say this again; do not overfeed your meat birds! One of the astounding facts around meat birds which a lot of people do not know about is that these birds can literally eat themselves to death. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to keep your meat birds on a consistent 12-hour feeding schedule where they feed and when they do not feed. Being diligent in taking away the feed during their non-feeding hours is one of the most important factors when rasing meat birds.

The negative aspects of overfeeding your meat birds include heart attacks, exploding stomachs, blood clots, and a variety of other deadly side effects that can hurt and even kill your meat bird. These birds have the ability to sit in front of their feeding 24/7 and continually eat if they are not monitored on a proper eating schedule. If you want to have healthy meat birds, you need to make sure that you do not overfeed your birds and you keep an eye out during their specific feeding times that you have on a strict, consistent schedule.

Learn More About Why Not To Overfeed Your Meat Birds

The video below is from our YouTube Channel Absorbent Products Ltd. that goes more in-depth around why you need to be-careful when it comes to feeding your meat birds and keeping an eye out on their food consumption.

Check out a video on our Absorbent Products Ltd. YouTube channel that goes into depth on the negatives of overfeeding your meat birds.