Using diatomaceous earth in your home for pest control has many benefits.

Using diatomaceous earth in your home can be an safe and effective way to control pests. Diatomaceous earth insecticides like Last Crawl do not contain any chemical additives and are therefore not harmful to animals or humans. In addition, due to the fact that diatomaceous earth works as a physical insecticide, insects cannot develop an immunity to it like they do with chemical insecticides. This makes DE insecticides like Last Crawl highly effective against chemically resistant insect populations.


How Much Diatomaceous Earth to Use in Your Home

When using Last Crawl Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide indoors, apply the product at a rate of 70 g of product per 10 m2. Last Crawl can also be mixed with an attractant, such as a cereal or nut powder, icing sugar, powdered soup mixes, or powdered yeast, to attract and encourage insects to ingest it, resulting in a lacerated digestive tract and further dehydration. If Last Crawl is applied with an attractant, the application rate above can be reduced to 60 g of product per 10 m2.

Where to Apply Diatomaceous Earth in Your Home

When applying DE, clear away any debris and clutter and lightly dust all surfaces behind appliances, cabinets, along baseboards, along edges and underneath carpets and rugs, bed frames, with careful attention given to cracks, crevices and other places where insects may hide or crawl.

How to Apply Diatomaceous Earth in Your Home

A fine dust of Last Crawl can be applied using a hand dusters or other suitable means. Check out – How to Apply Diatomaceous Earth – for other creative application ideas.

For best results, the treated area should be left undisturbed for two to three days to eliminate existing and reoccurring infestations. For storage areas it is recommended that Last Crawl be re-applied each time the storage area is emptied.

Diatomaceous earth insecticides like Last Crawl will remain effective for as long as the product is present.