Vancouver, June 23, 2021 – Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. (TSXV: PLAN) (“PLAN” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce the positive accelerated-cure Resistance to Chloride Ion Penetration (RCP) test results for its PozGlass™ SCM product. The Company is focused on delivering economic and eco-friendly solutions for the cement and concrete industry.
Based on the better-than-expected accelerated-cure RCP test results, management believes the market potential for the proprietary formulation and process in the blending of natural pozzolans and recovered post-consumer glass could be larger than originally expected.
Measuring RCP is essential because permeability is a factor in the long-term durability of concrete. Lower permeability results in longer lasting concrete because the metal rebar in the concrete is better protected from outside chemical attack. This is especially important in coastal saltwater environments, where the bulk of the world’s concrete is produced, and applications where de-icing salts are used.
The 28-day accelerated-cure RCP testing was led by Dr. Michael Thomas from C&CS Atlantic. Dr. Thomas is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), a registered Professional Engineer in the province of New Brunswick and has been working in the field of cement and concrete research since 1983.
Dr. Thomas’s main research interests include concrete durability and the use of industrial by-products such as pozzolans and slag. He has authored more than 200 technical papers and reports including the book “Supplementary Cementing Materials in Concrete”.
“The 28-day accelerated-cure test results give an indication of the result expected at 91 days with standard curing. As such, the value of 1035 Coulombs at 28 days for the concrete mix with 25% PozGlass SCM indicates excellent performance that should comfortably meet the requirements for a C-1 exposure (1500 Coulombs at 91 days) and possibly C-XL exposure (1000 Coulombs at 91 days),” stated Dr. Thomas. “I am confident that the C-XL requirement would be met easily at a slightly higher replacement (such as 30% PozGlass SCM).”
“The highest durability performance expectations in CSA A23.1 (latest version) are for C-XL concrete, which is structurally reinforced concrete exposed to chlorides or other severe environments with or without freezing and thawing conditions. PozGlass SCM shows the potential to be used for the most demanding C-XL applications and, therefore, greatly reduces the risks for concrete producer’s everyday applications as well,” says Ian Grant, who spent 5 years as a senior executive in the cement and concrete industry prior to becoming PLAN’s VP of Business Development.
The full 91-day RCP test results will be available from Dr. Thomas by end of July 2021. In addition, the 6-month sulphate resistance test results will be completed in early October 2021.
The Company has also received 56-day compressive strength results from Dr. Thomas with strengths performing as expected. PozGlass SCM has climbed to 56.3 MPa at 56 days, while the Portland Cement control was at 59.1 MPa.
“With 25% replacement I would expect the strength to be lower at early age but to see more strength gain with age to the extent that strength parity is eventually reached and the pozzolan mix being superior thereafter. The precise timing of this depends mainly on the properties of the pozzolan and temperature,” says Dr. Thomas. “Achieving near strength parity at 56 days is quite typical of many pozzolans.”
PLAN is using the information gathered in this phase of testing to facilitate early discussions with concrete producers as the company moves towards full-scale commercialization of PozGlass SCM in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.
“Our intent with PozGlass SCM is to radically reduce the carbon footprint of cement. When concrete lasts longer, less Portland Cement is produced. Longer lasting concrete is a key to reducing CO2 emissions and part of our goal of building a better, cleaner world,” stated Steve Harpur, CEO.
Progressive Planet is an emerging leader in supplying solutions for a livable planet by developing low carbon, pozzolan-based, cementing products which replace equivalent amounts of Portland Cement and fly ash in concrete. The production of Portland Cement is the second largest global generator of CO2 emissions.
Progressive Planet operates its flagship Z1 Natural Pozzolan Quarry in Cache Creek, British Columbia and is earning a 100% interest in the Z2 Natural Pozzolan Property near Falkland, BC and earning a 100% interest in the Heffley Creek Metals and Natural Pozzolan Property. All three properties are within a one-hour drive of Kamloops, BC, an industrial hub with rail access to Canadian and US markets.
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