DECEMBER 9, 2019 – VANCOUVER, B.C. – PROGRESSIVE PLANET SOLUTIONS INC. (PLAN: TSX-V) (“Progressive Planet” or “PLAN”) announces that it has signed an agreement with the University of Alberta to modify the rheology of its zeolite from the Z-1 Zeolite Quarry so that it possesses similar rheology to commercially available fly ash. The University will immediately commence this work with the project ending on April 30, 2020. The value of the contract is $20,000.
The Government of Canada has  mandated an accelerated, nationwide phase-out of coal-fired power by the end of December 2029. Class F fly ash used in Canada comes primarily from the burning of coal at multiple power plants in Alberta and Saskatchewan. With this phase out, new supplementary cementing materials will need to fill this void.
The project will be undertaken under the direction of Dr. Vivek Bindiganavile. Dr. Bindiganavile received his PhD in Civil Engineering Materials from the University of British Columbia in 2003. Dr. Bindiganavile has decades of experience in cement and concrete research and has been published in many journals and presented at many conferences as can be seen at
“I visited the Z1 Quarry in BC in the summer of 2019 and brought some samples back to our laboratory. Over the past year,  my research team has conducted a preliminary examination on Z1 for its chemical composition and physical characteristics. Based on the chemical analysis, we believe that the Z1 has potential for use as a supplementary cementing material. We have now embarked on this collaborative research partnership to address the impact on fresh concrete rheology when up to 20% of Portland cement is replaced with the same weight of Z1 Zeolite.”
“We have spent the last year conducting ASTM testing on Z1 Zeolite and one challenge to bring this material to market relates to it possessing similar rheology to fly ash. Rheology is often referred to as “slump” in the concrete industry. Ready mix cement with fly ash added to it flows very easily and we are seeking to modify our zeolite so that fresh concrete which includes our zeolite flows in a similar fashion.” stated Steve Harpur, CEO of PLAN.
PLAN is a Canadian based mineral exploration company with its flagship Z1 Zeolite Quarry in British Columbia. PLAN also has a right to earn a 100% interest in the Z2 Zeolite Property near Falkland, BC.  Progressive Planet is committed to using mineral resources to provide solutions for a livable planet.
Signed “Stephen Harpur”
Stephen Harpur, CPA, CGA
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