According to André Gagnon, media relations advisor for Health Canada, “Cannabis is considered to be destroyed when it is altered or denatured (stripped of its natural qualities) to such an extent that its consumption and propagation are rendered impossible or improbable.”
So, how can Cannabis LPs denature their cannabis waste?
Up until recently, many companies have been using Kitty Litter to do this, but there is a better, more natural way. Zeolite!
Why is Zeolite better?
First an foremost, cost. Zeolite can be purchased in bulk (you can literally get it delivered by the tonne), as opposed to heading to a big box store, which typically includes sending your own staff to do so, increasing cost in both staffing and product.
Zeolite’s Compostable!
Zeolite is 100% compostable and environmentally friendly, unlike kitty litter which can include questionable ingredients that shouldn’t be put back into the soil.  Cannabis denatured by zeolite makes for an excellent addition to soil adding carbon, nitrogen, and trace elements, continuing the circle of life.
Zeolite is Ecofriendly
Progressive Planet uses substantially less packaging for its zeolite than kitty litter. We also offer re-useable bins, and we’ll clean them for you too!