Eco-Friendly Cementing Alternative Made with 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Glass Pozzolan Engineered to Reduce and Sequester Carbon Emissions in Concrete
VANCOUVER, BCDec. 14, 2021 /CNW/ – Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. (TSXV: PLAN) (“PLAN” or the “Company“), an emerging technology company providing innovative circular solutions and eco-friendly micronized mineral powders for industry and agriculture, is pleased to announce that the Company has received exceptional 28-day Strength Activity Index (SAI) results for PozGlass 100G SCM.
PozGlass 100G SCM is the Company’s new and proprietary supplementary cementing material (SCM) made with 100% post-consumer glass micronized to a fine powder and treated with a novel process to permanently sequester CO2 while increasing its strength.
Earlier in November 2021, PLAN publicly unveiled PozGlass 100G SCM while sharing breakthrough results. As revealed in the announcement, the PozGlass 100G SCM samples registered a 7-day SAI value of 88.3% compared with the 7-day SAI values of 79% for untreated glass test samples.
We have now received the 28-day SAI test results. The untreated glass showed an SAI value of 83%, while the three PozGlass 100G SCM samples registered a 28-day SAI average value of 113.4% compared to the Portland cement control test sample.
“We are thrilled with these latest results,” stated Ian Grant, VP of Business Development at PLAN. “PozGlass 100G SCM outperformed the Portland cement control test sample by more than 13% at just 28 days. It’s more typical to see pozzolan strength parity at the 56-day mark. At commercial scale, an SCM that outperforms Portland cement at 28 days provides a unique opportunity for concrete producers to maximize replacement levels of Portland cement for boosting concrete performance while also reducing the carbon footprint of every batch. We still have work to do, but more strength with a lower carbon footprint is a ‘win-win’ for builders and the environment,” stated Grant.
The Company is procuring the equipment needed to demonstrate its production of PozGlass SCM and PozGlass 100G SCM in-house at its C-Quester™ Centre of Sustainable Innovation set to open in Q1 of 2022 in Calgary, Alberta, and will continue optimizing PozGlass 100G with a focus on:

  • Confirming the economics of commercial scale production;
  • Filing patents to protect novel processes; and
  • Quantifying and optimizing the carbon sequestration potential of PozGlass 100G SCM.