May 28, 2018, VANCOUVER, B.C. – ASHBURTON VENTURES INC. (ABR-TSX:V) (ARB-FRANKFURT) (“Ashburton” or the “Company”) is excited to announce the signing of a contract between Innotech Alberta Inc. and Progressive Planet Alberta Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Ashburton Ventures Inc.) to further advance the development of two types of Lithium-Sulfur batteries.
High and Low Energy Density Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
High energy Lithium-Sulphur Ion Batteries have a theoretical storage capacity that is five times greater than Lithium-Cobalt Ion Batteries.  The latest generations of smart phones and electric cars typically use Lithium-Cobalt Ion Batteries. High energy density Lithium-Sulfur Batteries offer unique opportunities in the compact electronics space.
Ashburton believes that low energy storage devices will play a role in storing the vast amount of renewable energy that is anticipated to be added to the North American utility grid because renewable energy is not always produced at the time that it is consumed. In anticipation of this storage requirement, low density storage solutions will be paramount to provide a means to stabilize the grid by matching the supply of electricity with the demand for electricity. InnoTech Alberta has begun work on low density storage of electricity into building materials and this work will continue as part of this agreement.
InnoTech Alberta is an independent but wholly owned subsidiary of Alberta Innovates and offers a diversified range of scientific, engineering, and technological research and testing capabilities, and the facilities to support technology development and scale-up.
The Bio-Thermo-Chemical Team at InnoTech Alberta has a wealth of experience in developing custom carbonized materials which have super high surface area with nano-sized porosity for battery applications. Strategically, the team is focusing more on higher value products from these carbonized materials utilizing InnoTech Alberta’s proprietary processes for super high surface area activated carbon formation and sulfur impregnation. “We are pleased to partner with an entity that has a direct interest in materials associated with this technology and a keen interest in seeing our research in carbonized biomass based electrodes advance and enhance the lithium-sulfur battery industry” stated Earl Jenson, who leads the Bio-Thermo-Chemical Team at InnoTech Alberta.
Intellectual property developed as a result of this research project will be owned by Progressive Planet Alberta Inc.
“This agreement is an exciting look into the future for our company.  As we advance our lithium, graphite and zeolite properties, we are seeking to develop value-added products for the storage of heat and electricity.  As the future becomes more focused on renewable energy, we look forward to developing and owning intellectual property in this sector.” stated Steve Harpur, CEO of Ashburton Ventures.
Ashburton Ventures Inc. is a Canadian-based junior exploration company focused on zeolite, lithium and graphite projects in Canada.
Signed “Stephen Harpur”
Stephen Harpur, CPA, CGA, CEO
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