August 9th, 2017, VANCOUVER, B.C. – ASHBURTON VENTURES INC. (ABR-TSX:V) (ARB-FRANKFURT)  (“Ashburton” or the "Company”) is pleased to announce that dried marijuana samples have arrived at MB Labs in Sidney, BC, a cannabis analytics laboratory certified by Health Canada. Analysis of the marijuana pertains to the third and final phase of Ashburton’s study which will measure chemical elements and medically-active compounds in the flowers of cannabis grown in zeolite and zeolite-carbon blends.

Phase Three is designed to indicate whether cannabis grown with zeolite from the Z1 Zeolite Quarry near Cache Creek, BC, produces a higher quality of cannabis than that grown in the absence of zeolite or zeolite-carbon blends. Lab results are expected by mid-August. In addition, total plant yields of dried cannabis will be weighed to determine whether zeolite and carbon can increase overall marijuana production.

Results from Phase Two of the study are still pending. A second Phase One data set from liquid runoff analysis has arrived from MB Labs and has been submitted to biologist and master grower Albert Kasprowicz for interpretation. News of these results is imminent.

Kasprowicz previously stated that these results could be a “game changer” for cannabis cultivation, should the second data set confirm the initial results that revealed trends of an unexpected magnitude. He noted a sharp reduction in fungal and bacterial pathogens coupled with a high retention of key nutrients in the root zone of plants potted with zeolite and zeolite-carbon blends. Kasprowicz suggested that these factors inevitably correlate to higher plant health and productivity.

MB Labs is currently conducting Phase Two chemical analysis of soil and leaf tissue. Results are scheduled for release in the coming weeks. A chemical profile of both soil and leaf tissue will reveal potential nutrient uptake trends. Of special interest is the effect of zeolite and carbon on the bioavailability of ionic elements to cannabis.

 “Having monitored this study with close attention, we have reason to be believe the data could reveal distinct advantages to growing cannabis with Z-1 zeolite and T-Carbon,” stated Tim Harvey, Chief Operations Officer of Ashburton Ventures.

Harvey continued, “For the greenhouse facility operators, visible differences – a lusher canopy where zeolite had been applied, for example – were a factor in their decision to order 20 tons of our premium Z-1 zeolite. They also took note of immense labour savings due to zeolite’s water-retention capacity. There is no longer any question that zeolite offers benefits to marijuana cultivators. The question remaining is whether it helps the end customer as well. Customers demand quality, and the quality of marijuana is exactly what the lab analysis of dried flowers will explore. We’ll soon know if yields, efficiency and quality are all positively impacted by growing cannabis with Z-1 zeolite and carbon.”

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