In addition to being safe for animals, DE mining does not have a negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for mining operations in the early 1900’s. However, today, technology and new developments in techniques and machinery allow our DE mine site to operate efficiently and without imposing a toll on the environment. In fact, Absorbent Products has been recognized with several awards for our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our mine site does not require tailings ponds and therefore no runoff or leaching occurs, ensuring that no land is disturbed beyond the limits of the mine site. When an area of the mine has reached the end of its production period, the area is reclaimed and continues its lifecycle as an addition to the 1,000 acre ranch that Absorbent Products owns beside the site, increasing the grazing land that is available. Due to these reclamation efforts and the incorporation of leonardite (the first of its type known in BC), reclaimed land is often more productive than it was before the mining process. It is common to see deer and bears roaming the reclaimed areas.