A culture of innovation

Progressive Planet Solutions is developing 23 R&D projects in AgTech and Low Carbon Cements


PLAN is an AgTech success story:

We have developed, patented, and commercialized an organic-appropriate product that allows chickens to thrive while reducing ammonia emissions from poultry barns – now used across North America for 90M+ chickens per year.

We have 14 organic-approved products to replace harmful chemicals — all manufactured in BC.

PLAN is leading the next generation of AgTech:

We are scaling up on regenerative fertilizer production; the future of farming and lawn/garden care. Existing chemical fertilizers deplete soil and contribute to greater than 20% of agricultural emissions.

Zeolite possesses unique properties that allow it to be used for slow-release fertilizers, increasing the availability of NPK, and eutrophication mitigation. We are developing the next generation of zeolite based fertilizers from our owned zeolite quarries.

Low Carbon

PozGlass™ 100G SCM

  • Turns post-consumer glass into high-performance cement using CO2 sequestration. 
  • Diverts glass from landfill and mitigates emissions from cement and concrete industry

Natural Pozzolans – PozDE™ SCM & PozZeo™ SCM

  • Made with by-product from existing operations in Kamloops and owned quarries in BC
  • Every tonne produced mitigates >630kg of CO2

Kamloops R&D Lab

Agriculture & Cement

Fully-equipped Ag-tech lab run by Jen Bylycia, BSc
PozLab – Fully-equipped cement lab run by Michael Carrell, Mechanical Engineer

C-Quester™ Centre of Sustainable Innovation

Carbon Quantification