Do you have a pair of shoes or sports equipment that you just can’t get the odor out of? We did! So we put our Stall DRY to the test.

Many people have told us that Stall DRY works great for removing the toughest smells, including skunk spray. So, we thought we would put the product to the test…

First, we got our hands on the smelliest shoes we could find. In fact, the odor in these shoes had soaked right through and into the outer material.

Next, we took one shoe (we kept the other untreated for comparison purposes) and got it completely wet, making sure to let the water soak all the way through.

Step 1: Wet the shoe or equipment with water.

**It is important to get the shoes or equipment wet, as this is what helps the Stall DRY draw out the odor.
Then, we covered the shoe in Stall DRY, spreading the product evenly throughout the shoe.

Step 2: Cover the shoe or equipment with Stall DRY.

Step 3: Let dry.

We added some more Stall DRY to a bag and left the shoe completely covered in the bag for a few hours.

Once the shoe was completely dry, we removed it from the bag, dusted it off and sure enough…the smell was gone!

So, if you have an odor that you can’t seem to get rid of…give Stall DRY a try!

Image by JohnGoode