Do It Yourself Pest Control with Diatomaceous Earth

Are you looking for a do it yourself pest control solution? A way to combat pests without the use of an expensive product or service? Try diatomaceous earth!

Diatomaceous earth is commonly referred to as DE. DE is a great way to kill crawling insects in your home and garden without chemicals or other expensive solutions. Diatomaceous earth insecticides that do not contain any chemical additives, such as Last Crawl, are a safe and effective way to eliminate pests. These products are safe to use around children and animals. They can also be used both indoors and out to kill ants, bed bugs, fleas and many other crawling insects.

Most importantly, when using diatomaceous earth for pest control, check that the product is registered with your local governing body. This is important because governing bodies like PMRA (the Pest Management Regulatory Agency in Canada) ensure that the product has undergone efficacy testing and will be effective. To ensure the product you’re buying is registered, locate the Pest Control Products Act Registration Number on the label.

Example of a properly registered diatomaceous earth pest control product:

Last Crawl Insecticide - Jug and Label It is important to note that using DE to kill insects can take some time, especially when combating a large infestation.

How long will it take? Check out this article to learn more about how long it will take for diatomaceous earth to kill certain insects – How Long Does Diatomaceous Earth Take to Kill Insects?

DE is a physical insecticide. As a result, insects must come in direct contact with the powder. Please make sure to follow all label instructions when applying the product to guarantee it will work as intended. In contrast to chemical insecticides, pests are not able to develop a resistance to Last Crawl! This is because of its physical form of action.

Please note: only food chemical codex grade diatomaceous earth that has been registered for use against crawling insects should be used for pest control. Pool grade DE can be very hazardous if inhaled and should not be used for anything other than its labelled purpose.

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