While individuals have found many other uses for Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth, the product it is currently only registered for use as a pelleting aid, anti-caking agent and flow agent in livestock feed (not to exceed 2% of the total diet).

What this means is that Red Lake Earth improves the flowability and mixability of feed.

In a silo, wet grain, corn and other types of feed will often stick together creating clumps. Adding Red Lake Earth helps to dry the feed out, break it up and keep it from sticking in the silo. This is the function of an anti-caking agent or flow aid.

As a pelleting aid, Red Lake Earth helps with the formation and the quality of pellets. More specifically, when mixed in feed, the product helps to lubricate grain that is being prepared in to pellets. The RLE helps the grain to slide easily through the die plate, which compresses the grain. As well, the product creates a better pellet by helping it stick together.

Image by SAN_DRINO