The trend towards organic agriculture continues to be important as individuals strive to create a sustainable future.

For many years people have used diatomaceous earth for various purposes including external pest control and as a food filtering aid. However, is this substance a permitted substance for use in organic production?

The answer is “YES”. According to Canadian Organic Growers, Food Grade diatomaceous earth is considered a natural product and is contained on the Permitted Substances List for organic production.

Diatomaceous Earth is contained on the permitted substances lists for livestock production, crop production and processing. Permitted uses include

  • Natural plant protectant (natural insecticide)
  • Anti-caking agent in feed to a maximum of 2% if the total diet
  • External parasite control for livestock (achieved by dusting the animals and the litter or bedding area)
  • Food filtering aid or clarifying agent

Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth falls into the organic production category.

Image by Stig Nygaard