Many people find food grade diatomaceous earth to be a helpful soil amendment that works well to retain moisture and nutrients in soil. While the product is not currently registered for this use, there have been many studies conducted to explore the possible benefits of the addition of DE to soil. In fact, a study conducted in Australia concluded that diatomaceous earth showed significant benefits when used for growing grapes. Diatomaceous earth was mixed in to the soil at a rate of 100 kg/ha (approximately 88 lb/acre) and yielded the following results:

    • Increased water holding capacity

    • Better uptake of calcium and phosphorous in the grape vines

    • Bigger V-shaped bunches

    • Hardier grapes with reduced fruit split

    • Increased size of root zones

    • Higher soil organic carbon levels

    • Reduced requirement for superphosphate

    • Increased silicon levels

    • Increase in plant available Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Potassium levels at early
       growth stage as well as increased Potassium levels at flowering and Magnesium levels at
       post harvest

Please note: as food grade diatomaceous earth is not currently registered for human consumption, it is important to thoroughly wash any foods meant for human consumption that may have come in contact with DE.

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Image by roblisameehan