Recently Rays Dobermans, a Doberman Pinscher breeder located in Houston Texas, has found food grade diatomaceous earth to be very effective in controlling ticks. After the services of an exterminator and the application of various types of sprays failed to eliminate a tick problem in their kennels, Rays Dobermans decided to try using diatomaceous earth to get rid of the ticks. The DE powder was sprinkled in and around the kennels and, unlike the previous methods employed, the diatomaceous earth was successful in eradicating the tick problem! In fact, in an experiment to see the effects of diatomaceous earth, Larry (of Rays Dobermans) tested the product on a tick he captured in a jar. To his amazement, once in the jar with the food grade DE, the insect was shriveled up and dead within 15 hours!

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Image by blackdood