My wife and I had rescued a cat and because he tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) we keep him in the basement. When he first came I checked him for fleas and found none. That was about four years ago, so last fall I was in the basement with him barefoot and I had what seemed like 100 fleas jump on my feet. At that time I thought it was a new infestation, I now think he had them and I missed them when he first came. Well I tried all kinds of things nothing seemed to do any good. When I asked the lady at Tractor Supply if they had anything that was known to work she told me she had good results with DE, so I tried it. At first I was combing Joesph daily and getting maybe 60 to 80 fleas twice a day. I had been using DE for about a month and a half. When I combed Jojo then I was only getting maybe 40/50 a day, with no bugs jumping on my feet. But with the number still coming off him, I didn’t want to judge. I had however tried the experiment with a pinch of DE in a jar and the fleas I put in that jar all died within 24 hours, in the jar with nothing they lasted up to a week or more. So I didn’t give up on DE since then I have recommended it to over 10 people. Today when I combed little Jojo I found NO (that’s zero,0000000) fleas on him. This is after he’s gone three days without combing, which is following seven days of combing without finding any bugs on him. So now I am very, very delighted to say “this stuff Really REALLY works!!!”

Michael P., Pataskala, Ohio