Cats can be strange animals, exhibiting behavior that is often elusive and bizarre. Cats appear to be quite intelligent and so we tend to blame their actions on vindictive and premeditated thoughts. However, as with all animals, there is a different explanation for these behaviors. But what are the reasons cats do what they do?

Check out some of these CATTITUDES:

Excessive Meowing

Meowing is a form of communication. When your cat meows at you he or she is trying to get your attention. There may be a problem, a want or a need that the cat is trying to get across or they may just be bored and wanting some human interaction. Constant meowing, unless related to a medical problem, should be ignored otherwise you may encourage your cat to continue, creating a behavioral problem.


Cats may bite while being petted. While we assume that this is nasty behavior it is simply the cats means of telling you to stop when he or she cannot figure out another way of letting you know that they have had enough. This can be avoided if you are aware of the signals that precede biting. For example, wildly flicking tail, ears laid back, dilating pupils, or a tensing body. If you recognize an indication that the cat has had enough stop touching him or her and let them move away on their own.

Bumping You With Their Head

This behavior may seem strange however this is a sign of affection. It is a popular misconception that a cat shows its affection by rubbing its head and body against you however the cat is only marking its territory by doing this. “Head bonks” or “bunting” is the only behavior that a cat exhibits that truly suggests they are being affectionate.


While we may assume that a cat is acting out when he or she claws at the furniture or carpet in actual fact it is a natural instinct. By doing this the cat is marking their territory to which they will return later and claw again. As with any natural behavior it may be tough to control therefore providing a scratching post and trimming your cat’s nails to lessen the damage is important.

Beelining to People That Don’t Like Them

Isn’t it always the case that a cat heads straight to the one person in the room that is afraid of them or dislikes them? While we may interpret this as odd, a cat simply sees this person as friendly and non-threatening. Others who are looking to the cat and calling out to him or her may come across as threatening and therefore they will always choose to go to the person who wants them least!

Image by blhphotography