Barn Fresh

Naturally neutralize ammonia, lower moisture in bedding and manure, and cut housekeeping costs.

Barn Fresh natural ammonia control – your 3-in-1 barn deodorizer.

Composed of a naturally occurring blend of food grade diatomaceous earth and montmorillonite clay, Barn Fresh Natural Ammonia Control is a barn deodorizer that offers a 3-in-1 solution. It lowers ventilation costs and has also shown to improve the overall health of your animals. Using Barn Fresh Natural Ammonia Control on a regular basis can help to reduce the amount of time and money regularly spent on manure management and bedding supplies.

Barn Fresh Natural Ammonia Control can be applied safely and easily to all surfaces, using a drop-style fertilizer spreader.

The benefits of Barn Fresh Natural Ammonia Control, your 3-in-1 barn deodorizer:


1 — Neutralize Ammonia

Reducing ammonia levels reduces stress and disease and can also help to increase weight gains and productivity.

2 — Lower Moisture In Bedding And Manure

Drier litter/manure gases off less ammonia; less moisture in barns, pens and enclosures is healthier for birds/animals; less moisture in manure means it is lighter and easier to clean out, saving time.
BF pigs
BF sheep

3 — Reduce Costs

Drier manure and enclosures saves you time and money on bedding and clean-out costs; reductions in ammonia emissions lowers heating and ventilation costs.